Bungur, Rhino and Night Walk Tour

Bungur is an area on the northern edge of the park which is very threatened by poachers and illegal burning. You start at 0600 with a cup of tea and breakfast, then proceed to Bungur through local villages and agricultural areas outside the park to a new ranger station created especially for anti poaching.  You then take a local boat down river for around 15 – 30 minutes to start a 30 minute walk to a reforestation area (supported by *ALERT and **SIES) where you can plant a tree (a donation of at least 50,000 Rp). Then back to the boat for around 60 minutes of river boat experience with the park on one side and local agricultural villages on the other. This is a useful comparison of local fishing techniques and agriculture, with the park and wildlife especially birds.  Then back to the Lodge for a late lunch.

After lunch visit the world famous International Rhino Centre. This is a special experience where you will hear first hand about attempts to bring back an almost extinct species. This is a unique experience where a donation will be required for research. Sometimes this tour is only allowed in the morning and thus the tour will be undertaken in reverse.

After dinner, Harry will take you on one of his exciting night walks where you will see night birds, and mammals. You may even see a wild Elephant.

*ALERT – Indonesian Bird and Wildlife Conservation Foundation

**SIES – Save Indonesia’s Endangered Species Foundation

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